5 Tips to Prepare for Your Wedding Flower Consultation

Part of being in the wedding world is fielding numerous consultations with couples about their wedding flowers! After doing hundreds of consultation, we thought it would be helpful to share how to best be prepared for your flower consultation to get the most of your time with us!

After we receive your email inquiry with we send you our general price list and offer an initial 30 minute phone consult to go over your ideas. Here are some tip on how to be prepared!

1. Have a Handful of Inspiration Photos 

While we all love pinterest, it is in fact, totally overwhelming for brides and florist to look through a huge pinterest board loaded with inspiration. Narrow down 7-10 favourite photos that you think speak to the feel, style and overall look you're going for. Some photo's that are helpful are: a picture of your venue, a few ceremony ideas for your aisle and alter area,  2-3 centerpieces and your head table, of course some bouquet inspiration!

2. Have A Basic Colour Palette Decided

The options are really endless! To make the most out of your consult with your florist, decide beforehand on the basic colour palette you'd love to use for your flowers! Even just telling us “Blush, white with a pop of burgundy” works as a starting point! It helps us as florists to already start thinking about flowers we can use and what’s in season around your wedding date!

3. Have a Rough Budget

Look I know if I was not into flowers, I would have NO idea how much wedding flowers cost. So I get it when brides say things like, "I don't have a budget because I don't know where to start!" We always send everyone who inquires a general price list so they have a place to start. So when I suggest coming to your consult with a rough budget, I'm really talking about, a simple starting point. Is it going to be a sweet & simple wedding at $1500? Or do you LOVE flowers and have starting budget of $4000? It's so much easier for us to guide you accordingly when we know what we’re working with!

4. Have a consult when you have #1-3 figured out

I'm not saying you need to have ever single detail, design, colour, flower or price figured out before you book a consult. That's our job! We work toward helping you narrow down your ideas, while discussing colours, flower chooses, style and budget. These starting points are helpful in getting the most out of your florist's time and creativity during your consult and allow us to really get a feeling for the look and style you're dreaming of.

5. Have Faith in your Florist (I know this isn't a preparation tip!) 

I wanted to add, that our hope at Country Lane is for brides and grooms to feel like they are in good hands when it comes to their wedding flowers. We provide a lot of photo's of our work on our website and social media, meet with people personally if desired, reply promptly to inquiries and questions, and genuinely care about everyone's wedding flowers for their big day! We love the creativity that comes with actually making each piece come to life by using fresh and beautiful blooms and enjoy seeing the look on a brides face when we deliver the bouquet of her dreams! So don’t worry, we got you!